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Well prepared for the DELI, DILI and DALI exam. Ideally you have attended at 20 week course at the NSH Language School and now you want to specifically prepare yourself for this exam. Over a period of 5 weeks, you will learn in a small group, this way we can cater to your personal needs. Our teachers are specially trained and will prepare and familiarize you with the exam and its format. Thanks to years of experience, our teachers will convey the right tolls essential for passing this italian exam.

Overview of the Italian certificates

DELI A1 - Diploma elementare 1 di lingua italiana "Firenze" Ail
DELI A2 - Diploma elementare 2 di lingua italiana "Firenze" Ail
DILI B1 - Diploma intermedio 1 di lingua italiana "Firenze" Ail
DILI B2 - Diploma intermedio 2 di lingua italiana "Firenze" Ail
DALI C1 - Diploma avanzato 1 di lingua italiana "Firenze" Ail
DALI C2 - Diploma avanzato 2 di lingua italiana "Firenze" Ail

Target group

You have already reached your desired language level and would like to prepare for the Italian exam in five evenings.


You take time on five evenings to tackle exercises and specifically prepare for the Italian examination.

Learning targets

You are well prepared for the exam.

Important information for examination registration

Please remember that you have to register separately for the exam. Registration for the exam is not automatically part of the course registration.


Examination registration
DELI, DILI and DALI Diplom



18.00 - 19.30 Uhr       
2 lessons per week

course cost

A1, A2, B1, B2

C1, C2

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instructional materials












We are happy to offer you a personal consultation!


Birgit Czisla

Advisement and Admission

Tel. +41 61 202 12 10



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