Why Swiss German?

Grüezi! Welcome to Switzerland.

Learning Swiss German is exciting. Despite the many regional dialects and different terms for many everyday objects, there are rules and principles. Chat with Swiss people or with others who have grown up here or have already been living here for a long time! You will find that this not only helps in everyday life, but can also be a lot of fun.

Detailed information about the Swiss German courses

General course information

  • You can join a course that is already underway (except exam preparation courses)
  • Guaranteed start with 4 participants to the full extent
  • With 3 participants the amount of lessons will be reduced to 70 % of the original amount
  • With 2 participants the amount of lessons will be reduced to 50 % of the original amount
  • For 1 participant an individual solution will be sought after
  • Certain courses can be paid in installments at a extra charge of CHF 20.00 per installment
  • The costs of the teaching material may vary depending on the language level and are not included in the course fee
  • One-time registration fee of CHF 40.00 fo new students
  • Each lesson has a duration of 60 minutes (Swiss German)


We are happy to offer you a personal consultation!


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Advisement and Admission

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