Course description

In cooperation with Rosetta Stone we offer you the opportunity to learn goal-oriented, flexible and at your own pace. The Flatrate Package allows you to learn 1:1 with native speakers in individual lessons. These lessons are adapted to your performance level. Talking about current topics and come across new words will increase your language level significantly. Rosetta Stone’s unique approach allows you to learn your chosen language quickly and efficiently, whether you are a beginner or an advanced learner.

These are the core elements of the program:

1st Language Training: You can improve your knowsledge in German, English or French or learn one of another 20 languages from scratch.

2nd 1:1 online lessons: Learn together with your coach in a private online lesson. Tuition takes place with native speakers and is adjusted to your learning progress.

3rd E-Learning materials: An extensive range of E-Learning materials is available to support text comprehension, grammar, vocabulary development and, with the latest voice recognition software, speech.

4th placement test: Beginner, intermediate and advanced learning paths allow you to reach your learning objectives faster and to begin at the right level.

Target group

This offer is for language enthusiasts who want to be flexible in terms of time and place.


An online placement test will show you at what level you already are and help you to join the right course. Your previous language knowledge is therefore not lost, since you will learn exactly where the next challenge begins.

A stable Internet connection is important for the online tool (desktop/mobile).





classes Access for 4 months





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